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Blowout preventers are used to help confine fluids to the inside of a well. They are also a means of adding fluid into a well. These factors play a huge role when working with wellbore pressure. Your best bet to prevent harm is to have an effective and affordable preventer installed on each job.

Blowout preventers have different functionalities that indicate their size and pressure rating.  Let us show you how to tell what will work best for you.

D&DJ Fishing and Rental Tools has been serving Northeastern Wyoming for 20 years.

• Type 81 Manual BOP’s:

• Type 81 Hydraulic BOP’s

• Type 84 Annular BOP’s

• Type U Hydraulic single ram BOP's

We work with Cameron Surface Systems, Vista Sales and Service, Synterra Oil Tools, and GC Products to keep our BOP's in top quality condition.


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